jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014


** We performed 'the Canterville Ghost' in English at Mythos.
If you missed it ... you can see it again on the 5th of March at 7pm.

** We are already checking contents in global exams.

** Are you into Carnival? What is your costume this year??

** We are travelling to Holland 19-23 / March / 2014 with 10 students for an exchange with pupils from SOPHIANUM SCHOOL (GULPEN)

miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014


-- BACK FROM HOLIDAYS:  Too many parties....

-- Bto students will have to do a test about the book 'Alex's game' written by an ex pupil: David García Molina.


-- Going to London motivation trip with a group of students from 1st Bachillerato from the 8th to 11th December 2014. We will be staying at a hostel and will visit the most important sights, like Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Camden Town street market, Trafalgar Square, St' James Park, Buckingham Palace, St. Martin in the fields crypt, etc....  We will also attend a guided tour to the Globe (Shakespeare's theatre).

Two teachers are travelling with them: me (Marga Herrero) and Margarita Mateos. 

-- My pupils have participated in the table tennis competition and some of them reached the finals. Congratulations from here. 

-- Christmas holidays are near and we all have family celebrations and great meals. 


-- The business students are very happy working on the web 'VOICES' ( Macmillan Publishing house). They have access at school and at home with their own passwords.

-- Unfortunately we have no English assistant this year and we miss the conversation sessions but in Administration, they have to talk in order to be communicative in case they have to do an interview.

- Students have written about 'Plastic surgery' a very polemical issue nowadays.

-- There is a possibility to get dancing lessons in teh Polifunctional with the association 'La octava Milla' so if you are keen on dancing you can learn a lot for a cheap price.


-- The Pilar Festival is always interesting for pupils and teachers.

-- Hans Vondervos from Sophianum school in Gulpen - Holland arrived to our school after the festival. We showed him around and we had a wonderful time. We are going to set up an exchange with 10 pupils from Bachillerato. We will travel in March and they will come to Utebo in September 2014.

-- We registered  in 'Juvenes translatores', organized in Europe, however we were not chosen as possible participants in the draw.

-- We were invited to participate in 'Model of a European Parliament' but I have no 4th pupils this year so I had to say 'no'.


I am going to organise some Extra curricular activities:

-  a Trip to London in December for BTO students
- One day at the theatre to see 'The Canterville ghost'
- English adventure XVI ( with interesting articles)