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martes, 31 de octubre de 2017


 (by Silvia Bayo- adm 3)

It was a very dark winter’s night  in the little village of Figueruelas.

It was snowing and I was sitting in front of the hearth with my friends. WE WERE WATCHING A HORROR FILM  when we heard a strange noise THAT came  from the basement. At first, we thOUGHT that it was the wind, but the wind had stopped a few hours ago. Then, we tried to use the phone, but it was cut by the bad weather. Suddenly, we Heard the noise again. Then, we went to the basement’s door and we hearD more stranges noises .I opened the door and everything was dark. Raquel, one of my friendS turned ON the light. WE LOWERED THE STAIRCASE. It was then,  WHEN we discovered the reason for the noises: my cat had been locked in A CARTOON BOXOF  the basement.

At the end, we laughED a lot of and we rememberED this story a lot of days

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