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jueves, 11 de enero de 2018


Firstly, we live in a materialistic society where the people prefer the money than to health due the fact that everyone wants to have a lot of money in their hands but they don’t know that the money and the happiness aren’t compatible.
Secondly, in this society we can observe an evolution of interests. When you ask a children “What do you want to be?”, they respond that soccer players, basketball players, military, police … Nevertheless, when they grow up, they develop their ideas and they prefer money. But there are some cases where money gives happiness, such as Lionel Messi due to when Messi was a poor child, he played football and he become famous because he is a good soccer player. There are other examples where money doesn’t bring happiness and one of them are people who have nothing but appreciate the things they have.

Finally, from my point of view I think that the rich people must learn of the poor people and vice versa. The poor and the rich will learn that money is not everything.

( by Lucas Ainzua from 2nd BCSS - January 2018)

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