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domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018


Currently, we live in a world where conflicts, which are caused by our society, are increasing and consequently violence, which is not only too present but also it is spreading very fast, affecting us in all kind of aspects, for that reason, we can mention a lot of different kinds of violence such as:gender violence, sexual violence, economic violence and even physical violence. In the mass media like T.V. or mobile phones, we always find a lot of news about the situation of the different places in our world but in all of them violence turns up. As a consequence, many people propose some ideas to decrease it, however, nobody does anything and we carry on acting the same way without improving anything. This is my point of view and I´m wholly sure that most people agree with my idea since nowadays even children have access to the mass media, the reason for which, children of our society have turned into more violent individuals than 50 years ago. Furthermore, we have to put up with a lot of absurd comments which are transmitted by all mass media. Therefore, from my point of view, we'd better bring up our children correctly and, although I wonder if this situation will be solved one day, we can't give up, we have to make an effort. To do our best in order to reduce the figures of violence. (Yasmina Vicente - 2nd CIT) ** AND PARTICULARLY TODAY, I MUST MENTION THE DEATH OF LITTLE GABRIEL, WHICH IS A TERRIBLE TRAGEDY THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED....!!!

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