miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018


Today it was the end of the innovation project carried out in RECREARTE, where all pupils and different teachers have been working along the year trying to remember details of the 60s in different fields, music, energy, clothes, dancing, food, holidays, photos, etc...

the pupils of Drama directed by their teacher Sara Sánchez, were performing 'Memories from the 60s'

It was very funny and well performed.

Santiago was a French policeman in the rebellion of 1968 and Jesus Liso one of the rebels, of course.


 The young inheritors were reading the diaries of their dead relatives with very good memories and talking to the nuns of the residence hall,  and one of the most memorable moments was the Eurovision contest with Manolo and Eva,  as the presenters of it, and Masiel as the winner of that year.



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