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miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017


6 students and 2 teachers from ies Pedro Cerrada are going to participate in this week as we did 2 previous years.  This is the information we got from Martina and Meike, the German Coordinators

Dear all, 
we would like to inform you about the process of our plans for the international rehearsal and concert week in Enger. Students from five different schools will participate: Lecce (Italy), Utebo/Saragossa (Spain) and Freigericht, Bünde, Enger (Germany). There will be about 85 singers in the choir and 75 instrumentalists in the orchestra.
We plan to sing and play the following pieces:
Choir (+piano)
 Glorious                                                             Stephanie Mabey
Can you hear me?                                          Bob Chilcott
Philomela                                                           Thomas Morley
An hellen Tagen                                              Giovanni Gastoldi

Choir + Orchestra
 Hallelujah                                                          Georg Friedrich Händel
Viva la Vida                                                        Coldplay
Medley “Together through music”

 Prelude from “Te deum”                            Marc Antoine Charpentier
Nimrod from “Enigma Variations”            Edvard Elgar
Lord of the Rings                                             Howard Shore
Beatles-Medley                                               John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Only wind instruments:
Feeling good                                                     Anthony Newly, Leslie Bricusse
Only strings + Solo trumpet
Air                                                                         Johann Sebastian Bach

Because of the large number of pieces we expect the students to be familiar with their parts. During the concert week we only have the time to grow together as a large choir and orchestra and work musically on the pieces.

Looking forward to the event in February 2018 

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